Tse Lup factory

Tse Lup Factory

Tse Lup Factory

Replica Sports Cars

Own your very own Super Car now at a fraction of the price.

We specialise in manufacturing High Quality replicas of some of the worlds best Super Cars. Lamborghini's, Ferrari's Aston Martin's and more.

These replicas are identical in almost every way. All Super Cars are road legal and can be customised to include as many hi end parts as required. Prices are a FRACTION of the real ones.

Replicas are used in the film industry, for exhibitions or simply for people who want to own super car at an affordable price.

All our cars are manufactured in top grade composites including carbon fiber and our technicians have worked for some of the leading automobile companies with years of experience in design and manufacturing.

Located in Thailand, our factory produces replica Super Cars as well as specially ordered custom design cars.

We shop worldwide and waiting time is only a few months. 

Contact us now to place your order.